What If Men Mimicked Women on Instagram? A Comedic Twist by Ashley Hesseltine

What If Men Mimicked Women on Instagram? A Comedic Twist by Ashley Hesseltine

Ashley Hesseltine, the renowned comedian behind the Instagram sensation “Bros Being Basic,” has masterfully grasped the essence of being ‘basic’. Originating as a somewhat derisive label, the term ‘basic’ was initially linked to average middle-class white women who began emulating high-society fashions. This trend quickly gained traction, turning into a widely discussed phenomenon.

Over time, women who once adored pumpkin spice lattes indulged in duck-face selfies on Instagram, and sported leggings began to embrace their ‘basicness’ rather than shunning it. Intriguingly, the hallmark of being ‘basic’ lies in the lack of awareness of one’s own basicness. This realization often leads to a paradoxical situation where one’s genuine preferences are unfairly critiqued – after all, what’s wrong with liking what you like?

In an interview with Bored Panda, Ashley remarked, “The response has been overwhelmingly positive. It feels less like mockery and more like a tribute to women. As a woman and a feminist myself, I ensure the content is respectful and not derogatory towards women. Additionally, our fantastic female audience can chuckle at their ‘basic’ habits without feeling offended.”

She adds, “Parodies, when executed properly, are always a hit. The content strikes a chord with both genders. What’s interesting is that a lot of it isn’t even men lampooning women – it’s them just being their authentic selves. Men can be just as ‘basic’ and eager for attention on Instagram as women!”

The genesis of the ‘basic’ trend dates back to 2014. That’s when Ashley conceived the idea for her page, “What If Guys Acted Like Girls on Instagram?”. She recalls, “I roped in my male friends to pose for the photos, and when my blog post went viral, the concept for the Instagram page naturally followed.” Launched by Ashley and her colleague Travis May on the eve of Thanksgiving, the page achieved instant success.

Currently, this page is emerging into the spotlight, garnering significant popularity (boasting 865k followers and counting). I’ve occasionally shared some of these amusing images in past posts, but now I plan to showcase them more extensively. Scroll down to take a look and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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