The life of an abandoned stray dog took a remarkable turn after it unexpectedly interrupted a football game.

Cachito's Heartwarming Tale: From Soccer Field Intruder to Beloved Pet

In Bolivia, a heartwarming story unfolded when a footballer chose to adopt a lovable dog who had disrupted a soccer match.

During a game at the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz, where The Strongest and Nacional de Potosi were playing, an unexpected visitor stole the spotlight. A stray dog wandered onto the field, causing quite a stir. The dog, carrying a shoe in his mouth that he’d snatched from a substitute player, instantly became the center of attention, a break from the usual focus on athletes and their ball-handling skills.


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The dog, nicknamed “Cachito,” seemed eager to share his newfound sports memorabilia with the players, but the soccer players tried their best to stay focused on the game.

A dog interrupts a soccer match.

Initially overlooked, the dog quickly became the center of attention when the game was halted as he dodged officials and players while circling the field. Reveling in the spotlight, he then decided to lie down on the pitch and happily chew on the shoe he had acquired.

The dog quickly became the focus of the game after the commentators had to mention how adorable he was.

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As the dog’s antics caught everyone’s attention, even the commentators couldn’t help but note how adorable he was, making him the unexpected star of the game.

Clearly relishing his moments in the spotlight, Cachito was determined to share his joy with everyone around. As he playfully rolled on the ground, several players approached to try and catch him, giving him plenty of pets in the process.

Eventually, Ral Castro, a player from the home team, managed to pick up Cachito and carry him off the field, allowing the game to resume. Cachito’s charming antics had certainly made an impression.

Abandoned Stray Dog Is Changed

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The delightful dog not only captured the affection of the football enthusiasts but also seemed to be a lucky charm for the local team. The Strongest clinched a 3-1 victory in the Christmas Eve game. The crowd warmly embraced both the team’s win and the charming presence of Cachito.

The delightful dog

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A few days after the eventful game, a news article about the friendly dog emerged on social media, revealing the fate of the evening’s unexpected star. Tragically, Cachito was found in the city, injured and in poor condition after being hit by a car.

After the person who found him posted a request for assistance on Facebook, people quickly responded to the call for help.


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Mayra, a rescuer from the “Ni Una Patita Menos” animal shelter, swiftly arrived at the scene and took the puppy to the shelter for medical care.

rescued dog

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Mayra shared with El Potos: “We saw the post made by this person. The guy who posted it told us he saw how the dog was run over and then collapsed on the ground. When we got there, the dog was fast asleep.

We need veterinary assistance.”

Fortunately, a player from The Strongest came across Cachito’s story on Facebook and decided to share it, hoping to help find him a forever home.

Ral Castro, the player who had taken Cachito off the field

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Ral Castro, the player who had carried Cachito off the field, learned about the sad turn of events. Without hesitation, he reached out to the shelter to assist the dog, generously covering all the medical expenses and making the heartwarming decision to adopt him.

Cachito became a champion by not just stealing a few moments of fame from a soccer match but also by winning the heart of his beloved rescuer.

image Credits : Twitter

Cachito turned into a true champion, not just by capturing a few moments of fame during a soccer match but also by winning the heart of his beloved rescuer.

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