Ageless Bond: 95-Year-Old Grandma and Grandson Delight with Playful Costume Adventures

Age-Defying Fun: 95-Year-Old Grandma & Grandson's Viral Costume Adventures

A lot of people think that fashion and having fun go bleak as we age. But it doesn’t have to be that. People might age in life, but their minds and heart are the same they have been during the entire life of that person.

If you still don’t believe it, have a look at this amazing duo of a grandson and grandmother. These two, Ross Smith who is 29, and his grandmother Pauline Kana who is 95 have tons of fun. We know grandparents and grandchildren get along very well, but this is not the usual duo you see every day. They are famous all over the internet for their awesome photos which they get dressed up in different themes and styles. Scroll down to read more about this fun-loving duo.

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#1. Granny Cinderella.

#2. They Kicked Last Year Off In Style.

The whimsical journey of Ross and his grandmother Pauline began unexpectedly. Ross, who initially dabbled in creating Vines, featured his grandmother in one of his videos on a whim. To their surprise, this video skyrocketed in popularity, marking the start of their delightful escapades together.

Their photoshoots are a kaleidoscope of themes ranging from festive holidays like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day to enchanting fairy tales. Garnering a substantial following on various social media platforms, this duo has mastered the art of producing captivating content. Their secret? Embracing their inner child and being as playful and carefree as possible.

We’ve curated a collection of their photos for you below. Dive into their world of joy and creativity, and feel free to share your impressions in the comments section!

#3. Battle Tested.

#4. Into The Wild.

#5. Le Painters!

#6. And They Do Have Fun With Other Fellow Video Makers.

#7. Miami Style.

#8. The Valentine’s Special.

#9. The Duo On Their 4th.

#10. Classy.

#11. Pineapple Doesn’t Make Things Bad.

#12. It’s Mrs. Santa This Year!

#13. Easter

#14. They Always Have Fun With Their Content.

#15. 95 And Still Young At Heart.

#16. St. Patrick’s.

#17. They Travel And Create Amazing Content.

#18. Life Is Lemonade For Them.

#19. They Love Football.

#20. They Recreate Almost Anything.

#21. They Have Become An Internet Sensation.

#22. Cosplay Is In Their Nature!

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