20 Photos That Reveal Mother Nature’s Playful Side

20 Photos That Reveal Mother Nature’s Playful Side

We can create many beautiful things as humans, but nothing compares to the beauty of Mother Nature. She amazes us daily with new species, stunning scenery, and vibrant colors.

Mother Nature isn’t just beautiful and majestic; she also has a great sense of humor. The following 20 “special” photos, found online, showcase her witty and cheeky side. As you browse through these images, you’ll be amazed by her bold and clever creations. Some of these natural wonders look so human-like, they’ll make you blush. Without further ado, scroll down and enjoy the playful side of Mother Nature!

#01 This Tomato

Source: zazzles23

#02 A Storm Damaged The Tree’s Top. It Now Looks Like A Man Out For A Walk

Source: mdegroat

#03 The Bum Of This Tree

Source: OutstandingBill

#04 A Pigeon Wearing Feathers On Its Feet

Source: ricktr0ll

#05 Eggplant Is Known For Its Long… Nose

Source: Gamehenged

#06 This Chick Was Born Wearing Winged Eyeliners

Source: Cjinator11

#07 “A Little Piece Of A Miracle”


#08 The Wood Knots Look Like A Dog’s Teeth:

Source: joelbonsel

#09 “Found These “Wands”, In The Park, Near A Fallen Tree

Source: cristinaf

#10 Blurry Leaves

Source: OnlyHereForLOLs

#11 A Potato That Looks Like A Pear

Source: attaariba

#12 The Tree Looks Like Straight-up Broccoli

Source: Bdogg242

#13 This Watermelon Looks Almost Like It Has Tongues

Source: Unknown

#14 Cute And Round… Mushroom

Source: gigazine

#15 These Trees’ Interiors:

Source: 4rch7ek; molehillmilk

#16 “I Didn’t Know Fruit Could Express Such Expression!”

Source: rawrtherapy

#17 Strawberry On The Inside, Tomato On The Outside

Source: Unknown

#18 I Walked Outside This Morning And Found These

Source: ronaldplett

#19 Moth With A Chicken Face On The Back

Source: SenorPeligro

#20 Nature Has Censored The Safety Sign At Work

Source: cukorbogyo

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