This special dog, once fearful of people, is now loved globally.

Quasimodo's Heartwarming Journey: Overcoming Short Spine Syndrome

Quasimodo, found as a stray, has a unique condition called short spine syndrome.

A Brief Intro To Short Spine Syndrome

Short Spine Syndrome is a condition where the vertebrae in the spine don’t harden into bone as they should, but rather stay in a state similar to cartilage. It’s often thought to result from inbreeding. In this syndrome, parts of the vertebrae fuse together, restricting movement and causing the spine to be shorter due to compression.

Dogs with this condition typically look like they have no neck because of the compression in the cervical spine. This makes them have to turn their entire body to look behind. Additionally, their bodies are shorter due to the shortened spine, while their limbs remain normal length, making their bodies appear disproportionally short compared to their legs.

Back To The Story

Quasimodo was taken to a shelter, where he quickly became well-known, almost like a fairy-tale ending.

He has a very small neck that barely supports his head and a chest that is roughly only a third of its expected size.


image credits : Androdass

Quasimodo is one of only 13 dogs worldwide identified with this rare condition.

Despite his condition, Quasimodo doesn’t seem to be in any pain. Originally in Kentucky, he was perceived as an unfriendly dog. He was very timid and scared of people. However, his demeanor changed once he met a compassionate person named Rachel.

He was later adopted by Minnesota Secondhand Hounds, who describe him as a “friendly, wonderful, sweet puppy.

This Dog Was Unusual From Birth

image credits : Androdass

Considering how well he adjusted with his rescuers, they were confident that Quasimodo would find a forever home.

Despite his unique condition and the potential for future health challenges, there was hope that he would find a loving family.

On his second day with the rescue, Quasimodo went to see a veterinarian for a check-up.

Following his vet visit, he moved to a temporary foster home with Secondhand Hounds.

rescued dog

image credits : Androdass

Quasimodo has to do things a bit differently than other dogs, like eating without leaning over, but now he’s a happy, charming pup who has won hearts all around the world… including ours!

Quasimodo’s new chapter truly began when the staff at the foster home fell in love with him, making it his permanent home.

Now, he’s living life to the fullest, playing with his buddies, charming the ladies, and frolicking in the snow. He’s quite the charmer!

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