Any Homeless Dog That Enters This Restaurant Gets a Free Meal

Heartwarming Tale: Local Restaurant Feeds Homeless Dogs Daily

Six years ago, an extraordinary and heartwarming tradition began at Gerardo Ortiz’s Peruvian eatery, Ajilalo. A famished, homeless dog wandering the streets made a poignant stop at the restaurant’s doorstep. In a moment that could have easily gone another way, Gerardo chose compassion over indifference. He generously offered the dog a specially prepared complimentary meal. This single act of kindness sparked a remarkable ongoing practice. Ever since, this four-legged friend, and others like him, have been enjoying daily free meals at Gerardo’s welcoming establishment.

The proprietor of the restaurant provides complimentary dog food.

Word of Gerardo’s generosity spread swiftly among the town’s stray animals. In no time, more dogs began to arrive at his doorstep, drawn by tales of kindness and a promise of a hearty meal. Gerardo, true to his compassionate nature, welcomed each new furry visitor with a sumptuous feast.

Currently, a variety of homeless dogs are regulars at Gerardo’s restaurant. Some are frequent patrons, while others are just passing through, but they all share a common experience – the joy of satisfying their hunger with the delicious food generously provided by this kind-hearted man.

An increasing number of dogs are visiting the restaurant.

Upon encountering a new canine visitor, Gerardo always takes a moment to gaze into the puppy’s eyes, as if to confirm the whispered tales of free meals. This simple act of connection speaks volumes about his character and the ethos of his restaurant.

Human patrons of the restaurant are equally touched by Gerardo’s actions. Often, they find themselves inspired to contribute, bringing along food for the wandering dogs. In an interview with The Dodo, Gerardo expressed his deep affection for these four-legged guests, saying, “In my eyes, they are the finest customers.” He also noted the positive reception from his human customers, who not only accept but also show love and respect towards these canine visitors, embracing the unique atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity at his establishment.

Doesn’t it appear to be a stray dog? Photo credits

Gerardo reflects on the unique rewards of his generosity, stating, “They may not provide us with money, but their smiles and wagging tails are more than enough. Their gratitude is evident, and for us, the joy of giving surpasses the act of receiving.” His lifelong love for animals, instilled in him since childhood, plays a crucial role in his actions. Gerardo credits his mother for nurturing this compassion, teaching him the importance of aiding all in need, whether humans or animals. He views his mother as a guiding light, a role model whose values continue to influence his life and the welcoming atmosphere of his restaurant.

Gerardo, the restaurant owner, is holding the food he prepares for the homeless dogs

Gerardo eloquently underscores the impact of a single act of kindness on an animal’s life. He firmly believes in the significance of their lives, a belief he demonstrates daily through his actions. By providing meals to these animals, Gerardo not only feeds their bodies but also nurtures a sense of care and community, showing that every small gesture can make a big difference in the lives of these creatures. His commitment to this cause is a testament to the power of compassion in action.

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