Heroic Rescue: Utility Workers Save Young Bear Stranded on Power Pole in Wilcox, Arizona

Brave Utility Workers Rescue Stranded Bear from Power Pole in Wilcox, Arizona

In a heartwarming display of heroism in Wilcox, Arizona, a young brown bear’s life was saved thanks to the quick thinking of utility workers. The bear found himself in a dangerous predicament, trapped atop a utility pole. Alerted to the bear’s distress, a team from Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Co-op, including Warner Newbauer and Apprentice Lineman Gallego, was dispatched for a rescue mission.

Capturing the dramatic rescue on video, which later went viral, Newbauer recounted the critical situation they encountered. “Upon our arrival, we were met with a tense scene. The bear was perilously perched near high voltage lines carrying a lethal 7200 volts. One wrong move could have been fatal,” he explained.

Photo Credits: ViralHog

The team acted swiftly, cutting off the power to ensure safety. Approaching the bear from their boom truck’s basket, they found him visibly distressed. “As we set up our truck, the bear seemed to be trying to hide from us, shielding his eyes with his paw,” Newbauer shared.

Employing an 8-foot fiberglass pole, Newbauer attempted to guide the bear down. Initially resistant, the bear grabbed and bit the stick. After persistent efforts, Newbauer succeeded in coaxing the bear into a safer position, enabling it to climb down independently and escape into the wilderness.

The bear, estimated to be a young male weighing around 100 pounds, was part of a larger issue highlighted by the Arizona Game and Fish Department in Tucson. Their Facebook post detailed the increased incidences of bears entering human-inhabited areas, leading to dangerous situations for both the animals and the public.

This incident was not an isolated one in Arizona. A similar situation occurred just a month earlier, involving a larger brown bear atop electricity cables. However, unlike the previous bear who seemed to be enjoying his high vantage point, the young bear in Wilcox was clearly in distress.

Watch this video below: 

The successful rescue not only saved the bear but also serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between wildlife and urban areas. Sharing this story can raise awareness about wildlife safety and the commendable efforts of utility workers who go beyond their duty to save lives.

Feel free to share this uplifting story with friends and family, celebrating the bravery and quick action of those who helped save a life.

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