Video Captures Business Owner Pulling Dog Through Water-logged Streets

Many opt to stay inside during a flood, but for Bo, navigating the waters on his boogie board is a breeze. Peter Rosen, over a year ago, initiated surfing lessons for his dog Bo following a significant storm that transformed Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s streets into a virtual river. This time, with the streets submerged again, Rosen was eager to see if Bo retained his surfing skills.

Photo Credits – PETER ROSEN

Rosen recounted to The Dodo that Bo instantly recognized the board and eagerly jumped on as soon as it was brought out. As Rosen and Bo prepared to tackle the waves, their neighbor Rachel Frank noticed them while she was out walking her dog on the waterlogged sidewalk. By the time Frank returned from her walk, the duo had already begun skillfully surfing down the street.

Frank shared, “I found myself laughing and recording the whole scene. My dog was with me and seemed eager to join in the fun.”

Rosen had initially faced a challenge teaching Bo to surf; the modest waves of South Florida were not quite strong enough to propel the board.

Photo Credits – PETER ROSEN

Rosen soon realized that the floodwaters provided an ideal environment for Bo’s talents. Initially, he guided Bo through the water by hand, helping him relearn and maintain balance. Before long, an electric bike was introduced into their training.

“He definitely has a knack for it,” Rosen commented.

Bo, a rescue Rosen found in the Cayman Islands three years ago, is always eager to be by his side. When Rosen and his husband encountered Bo during a vacation, they learned his previous owner could no longer care for him. The bond was instant during a hike around the island, marking the beginning of many shared adventures. Bo seamlessly became a part of their family, culminating in his official adoption.

Photo Credits – PETER ROSEN

Apart from his surfing escapades, Bo has other unique modes of transportation. He’s often seen snugly nestled in a papoose while Rosen skateboards, or enjoying rides in the sidecar of Rosen’s Vespa.

Rosen fondly noted, “Bo is incredibly supportive of whatever I’m up to. He just wants to be with me, no matter what we’re doing.”

Do Dogs Actually Enjoy Surfing?

Photo Credits – Loews Hotels

Determining whether dogs truly enjoy surfing remains a nuanced issue. Lacking the ability to decline activities with their owners, these pets may partake in such sports regardless of their personal enjoyment.

Akin to elderly dogs who persist in running despite discomfort, some dogs may engage in surfing solely to please their owners, not out of a genuine love for the activity. Hence, it’s crucial to understand that surfing isn’t universally suitable for all dogs.

Similarly, surfing isn’t a universally loved sport among people either. Many individuals avoid surfing due to a distaste for water or other reasons. In parallel, certain dogs may not be suited for, or even permitted in, water or board sports. Recognizing individual preferences and limitations is key when considering whether to involve dogs or people in surfing.

In conclusion, the diverse world of surfing offers varied experiences for both humans and dogs. Recognizing and respecting each one’s unique preferences and abilities is crucial. While some may relish the thrill of the waves, others may not. The decision to surf should prioritize the well-being and happiness of both dogs and their owners. If you found this insight into the surfing world engaging, feel free to share it with your loved ones and spread the wave of awareness!

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